About Us


Oba is derived from “oh-bah-koh-te” (오바코트) – a Korean phonetic translation of the English word ‘overcoat’ shortened to a trendy colloquialism – and conceived for the woman who is not necessarily fashion-driven, but possesses a strong self identity.

Founded by Joanna Lim whose origins are as international as her passions are multifarious, Joanna wanted to share her adventurous spirit through her compulsion for coats with the world.

After all, the coat, more than just a seasonal wardrobe staple or an investment piece, can be a conversation starter making the first impression an indelible one, perfect for trotting the globe in. With a team of talented artisans in Shanghai, Oba crafts stylish centerpieces made with a keen eye for detail, elegance, and variety, creating nuts-and-bolts yet tongue-in-cheek type collections, and accessories to satisfy the equally intrepid and outerwear-obsessed.