Concept Collections


OBA’s inspiration takes many forms and is sparked by the artists and creators around us; graphic artists, architects, fellow designers and artisans. Our yearly collaborations allow us to explore our creative curiousity, to evolve as artists, and to develop some of our most thoughtful and fantastical ideas into wearable forms of expression.


dra/wn was forged by a curiosity toward the relationship between culture and human behavior. From ideation to design through to its realization, dra/wn works across a variety of mediums including architecture, photography, fashion and product development. dra/wn explores the interplay between emotion and logic as catalysts for “why we think and feel the way we do” through the art of storytelling.

Founded by multidisciplinary creative Kendra Wan who has lived in Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York and London, she has collaborated with international brands like Nike, Converse, Tiffany & Co., Beats by Dre. and Levi’s.

dra/wn for oba

One late evening in a dimly lit bar, Kendra and Joanna built an idea over a couple (or more) negronis around their shared passion for all things beautiful, which led to the desire to bring the finer things in life to life. A few deep and meaningful wine-addled conservations later, dra/wn for Oba was conceived.

Combining dra/wn’s talent for thoughtful yet whimsical storytelling and Oba’s knack for artisanal tailoring, dra/wn for Oba is a curative philosophy inspired by tradition and reinterpreted for the modern and the curious, the fashioning of an artful life into beautifully made garments sleeved with a tale to tell.